In the self-storage industry, missed calls are missed revenue opportunities. Here at Easy Storage Solutions, we are excited to announce our new service, Automated Pay-By-Phone System. This service allows storage facility owners a cost-effective option to help manage calls.

Our Automated Pay-By-Phone System, also known as IVR, has a quick and easy set up making the process a simple experience.

  • If you have a robust VOIP phone system, we can help you set up the call routing to send payment calls to the automated system.
  • If you don’t have a VOIP phone system, no worries. Easy Storage Solutions will get you a new business phone number. We will set up routing to send payment calls to the automated system and all other phone calls directly to your manager.
  • If you already have a regular business phone number, you can get rid of your current business phone provider by porting your current phone number to us. It is free to do and we will do all the work.
  • Porting your number to us will save you money and there are no contracts. Everything is month-to-month and you will still own the number.

Make your life easier by reducing phone calls, saving money and time, and gain features and functionality with our Automated Pay-By-Phone System.