Tenant protection is good for everyone. It establishes you as a responsible facility owner and gives your customers peace of mind. And as an additional source of revenue, tenant protection plans (TPPs) don’t just boost your reputation, they do the same for your bottom line.

But the drain on staff time and resources to increase your TPP enrollment rates might not seem worth it. The good news is there’s an automated solution to simplify the process – and it couldn’t be easier. Simply by opting in, you can improve your self-storage tenant protection and see a significant return on investment as you:

  • Boost the number of tenants protected
  • Streamline workflows
  • Increase revenue

Push to Start

Tenant protection adds an extra level of comfort for your customers. But for many managers, the manual efforts to deliver an effective and convenient coverage program is a burden that falls to them.

Automated TPPs give tenants easy, self-serve access with fewer hoops to jump through. They can simply enroll into your TPP for convenient, immediate protection.

Best of all, your customers control their coverage. They can quickly review and choose which of your protection plans is best for them. And when their coverage is about to expire, they’ll receive a reminder to renew.

Current tenants benefit too. With automated tenant protection, the system audits your leases and manages the same auto-enrollment and tracking processes for existing storage tenants without coverage.

The result? More tenants’ goods are covered with no extra effort. And as a facility owner, you earn customers’ confidence, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction, longer leases, and better reviews.

Cruise Control

Maybe you’re an owner-operator of your self-storage facility, or you have a manager tasked with sales, operations, accounting, and more.

There’s no denying that for on-site enrollment, tenant protection requires effort to produce high enrollment rates. Managers need onboarding to your in-house program, training and feedback on offering the TPP, and time to track coverage and follow up with customers on their lapsed or expiring plans.

If you’re strapped for time, putting in the effort to get a return on investment may be off-putting. When you have staff turnover, you have to invest that effort all over again.

Fully automated tenant protection manages all these responsibilities. This means you can reallocate staff time and resources to focus on your goals for new leases, tenant retention, and overall smooth operations and excellent service.

Rev Up Revenue

More coverage and simplified workflows – it adds up to a better bottom line.

Automated tenant protection makes enrollment a seamless process. After choosing to embrace a fully automated TPP, facility owners may see an immediate enrollment increase from 25% to 65% (based on Auto-Protection results of other facilities).

Imagine what that kind of boost would mean to your revenue. You’re not only supporting your tenants’ peace of mind but your own with a service that improves your business value and stability.

It’s Automatic

Tenants appreciate a protection-first mindset and, as a business owner, you need to operate a profitable business to provide that service.

Automated options give you industry-leading enrollment rates (based on industry averages for facilities offering tenant coverage), meaning more protection for your customers and a boost to your bottom line.

With a fully automated solution, you don’t have to choose between an easy, reliable protection option and increased efficiency and profitability.

Get Tenant Protection That Gets Results
Learn more about Easy Storage Solutions Auto-Protect, a new approach to tenant protection that provides best-in-class protection.