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Easy Storage Solutions Tenant Protection Services
Self Storage Software built to help storage facility owners manage their storage units easy & hassle free. Easy Storage Solutions provides web based self storage management software with a fully integrated website that allows tenants to rent units online and pay their bill online 24/7.

What Are Tenant Protection Plans?

Tenant Protection Plans allow you to offer a way for your tenants to store their items with peace of mind. It is a reliable and affordable way for tenants to store their goods and protect them against potential damage. Help your tenants store with confidence by protecting your tenants’ belongings. Our protection plans offer advantages such as no deductible, protection of commercial and personal goods, and shared earnings with your facility.

Store With Confidence. Protection Against:



Smoke Damage



Wind Damage



Building Collapse

Sinkhole Collapse


Water Damage (Excluding Flood)

Moth, Insect, Rodent, Or Vermin Damage

Advantages of Offering Tenant Protection

Not only will Tenant Protection help your tenants, it also has many advantages for your storage facility.

Our Tenant Protection Plans:

  • Comes At No Cost To You
  • Earns Revenue For Your Facility
  • Reduces Liability As A Facility Owner
  • Available In All USA States
  • No State Insurance Licensing Required
  • No State Licensing Fees
  • Compatible With The Easy Storage Management Software
  • Easy Online Claims Process For Your Tenants
  • Backed By Easy Storage’s Dedicated Support Team
  • Adds Value To Your Business

How It Works

Your tenants choose from the following protection plan options:

Protection Plan Fee Coverage Amount
$12 per month = $2,000
$15 per month = $3,000
$20 per month = $5,000
$33 per month = $10,000
$42 per month = $15,000

After a tenant signs up for a protection plan, you earn a percentage of the monthly protection plan fee. The remainder of the fee pays for the protection of the tenants’ belongings. Facility owners generally earn 30% of the fee, and the service comes at no cost!

See How Much You Can Earn!

Use the calculator below to find the additional revenue you can make utilizing Tenant Protection

Additional Revenue Per Month!

Additional Revenue Per Year!

Claims Process

Tenants can easily file and manage claims on our Easy Storage claims portal. The claims process is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for both your tenant and you!


File the Claim Online.


Once submitted to the claims adjuster, we work with the tenant, facility owner, and adjuster to get all the necessary information on the claim.


The tenant gets paid for their claim!

Please Note: Easy Storage Solutions’ Tenant Protection Program is not an insurance policy and the facility owner is not an insurance company. The owner shall perform the obligation described in the Easy Storage Tenant Protection addendum. The owner assumes this business risk on his/her own.

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