At Easy Storage Solutions, we understand the importance of having your self storage facility found online. A key part of gaining that online credibility is claiming your Google My Business page. Google provides this free tool that you can put in place all on your own. There are five simple steps to setting up your Google My Business page, so you can take action!

A Google My Business listing is a similar concept to listing your company in the yellow pages of a phone book. It allows for potential customers to find your website, phone number, physical address, hours of operation, and more. It makes it easy for potential tenants to find the information they need to proceed with renting a unit from your facility.

Easy Storage Solutions' Google My Business Page

Here are the five easy steps you can take to claim your Google My Business page.

Step One: Start The Form

Visit to begin the process of filling out your company’s profile.

Step Two: Connect to Google Maps

Enter your business address. Failure to add an address will result in your self storage facility not showing up on Google Maps. Google Maps is key to having future success in having both current and potential tenants find exactly where you are located.

Step Three: Fill In Information

Next, fill out your general business information. This consists of your business name, phone number, website URL, hours of operation, and more. Validate your business to potential customers by thoroughly adding this information. Additionally, adding high-quality pictures of your facility helps Google recognize your facility, and can bring more engagement.

Step Four: Verify Your Account

Verify your account. Your Google My Business page will only appear in search results once it is verified. To verify your account you will need to enter a PIN number that Google will provide to you through email, phone call, text, or mail. Sometimes, the account will auto verify and you will not need to take this additional step.

Step Five: Stay Up To Date

Keep it updated! You don’t want a business page with outdated information. To keep your Google My Business Page up to date, make sure to update any change in business hours and other important information.

Now that you are done claiming your business page you can start reaping the benefits of it. Did you know your Google My Business Page is much more than just a place for people to easily find information about your facility? This page allows you to interact with customers when they leave reviews, track performance, and post updates like a social media page. Make sure to keep this page up to date, to provide your future and current customers with the best information possible.

You now have a dashboard that holds all kinds of information and makes it easy for you to manage an aspect of your online presence. This free account can make a huge difference for your self storage facility, so claim your Google My Business page today!