Cloud access control is a cloud-based, gate access control system. At storage facilities, it can be connected to both the facility’s gates as well as doors to any buildings that require security.

The older style of gate access requires a computer to be onsite at the facility so it can run a copy of the software locally. With this comes many problems that can be resolved by cloud access control. Read on to discover seven things that make it the better option.

No more computer-based snafus

With normal gate access, there are often computer-related issues that impact the gate’s operation. When a computer is involved, there are naturally more failure points.

The computer’s antivirus program may block sync services between the controller and the management software, causing the gate to function improperly. Additionally, the computer automatically updating can result in malfunctions. Problems like these are no longer a concern if you utilize cloud access control.

Instantaneous updates

Some of the local-based access control systems have a sync time of anywhere from five to ten minutes. This means the system may only check the website every five minutes or so to see what changes have been made. With cloud access, updates are instantaneous.

If someone needs to be locked out, they now will lose access to the facility immediately. Additionally, if someone driving past the facility decides to rent storage online, they can access their unit right away.

Automatic updates

Cloud access control not only facilitates instantaneous changes but also allows for automatic updates. For example, you can set your gate up to automatically lockout a tenant if they’re a certain number of days past due.

Control of access points from anywhere

You are able to open and close any of your access points while online. If a tenant is having trouble entering a gate or door, you can open it remotely. If a potential tenant swings by the facility and wants to take a quick look around, you can let them in even if you’re not on the property. There will now be far fewer times in which you need to rush over to your facility in person.

Access to information online

Rather than going to the facility to take a look at the physical software, you can view all your gate access information online. Take a look at things like gate codes and activity logs with the touch of a button.

Varying gate access times and areas

You’re able to set different access times for individuals depending on their needs. If you have multiple gates or doors, you can also restrict individual access to some of these points.

Simplicity for tenants

Older systems assign gate codes based on the unit rather than the tenant. Now, cloud access control systems can assign one code to each tenant, meaning your customers don’t have to remember multiple codes if they rent multiple units.

Some cloud access systems give you the option to make your tenant’s gate code automatically be the last four digits of their phone number. This makes it easy for your tenants to remember their code, resulting in fewer phone calls asking you to look it up for the third time that month.

Cloud access control is a fantastic addition to your toolbox in the effort to make your facility run as smoothly as possible without you needing to be physically present. Not only will it improve your experience as the business owner or manager, however, but it will improve your tenants’ experience as well. To learn more about Easy Storage Solutions Cloud Access Control, you can request information here.