The year 2020 has been all about automation. For many facility owners, their business is managed on spreadsheets and other office platforms that require a lot of oversight. Implementing management software is an option that allows facility owners to take a step back from the oversight. When a facility implements a management software, much of the business operations become automated.

Automation is surrounded by the common misconception that it comes with a loss of customer service. However, this is not the case. Management software provides convenience for facilities and customers, often creating a better customer experience. This happens because customers now have access to seamless functionality. The idea of managing 100 + units on a spreadsheet or other office platform seems very daunting. Here at Easy Storage Solutions, our self storage management software is a user-friendly platform that will save time for your business and customers.

Management Software

Management software platforms are not all made the same. When deciding on a management software, execute your due diligence to find a platform best suited for your facility. Consider these few things:

  1. What computer requirements do you need? This industry mainly offers software that is web-based or computer-based. Utilizing web-based software offers many perks that are not available on computer-based platforms. With web-based software, you can access your facility from anywhere. You gain the freedom of working at any time, from anywhere.
  2. What systems do you already have in place? Many management software platforms can integrate with other companies. Make sure that your gate control, payment processing system, and other systems will integrate with the software you choose. If you don't have these services, but are considering them for the future, make sure you like the companies the software ingrates with or offers themselves.
  3. Is your business growing? Your management software should be able to handle that growth. Make sure your software can:

3.a. Make changes to your business content

3.b. Change unit rates

3.c. Add more units

3.d. Apply late fees, or lien configurations

Understand your business structure and the upcoming changes you will make at your facility.

4. Does the management software offer technical support? Technical support is your first line of defense when you have a question or need help learning about a new feature released in the software. You can read more about support teams and management software here.

Now that we've outlined some things to be aware of before deciding on a software, let’s chat about how management software increases your customer experience. For years this industry has been moving towards automation. It adds convenience for you and more importantly, your customers. In the world of online, there is a need to bring your facility online.

Enhancing Your Customer Experience

Customer service is a key aspect of running a business. It ensures lasting relationships with your tenants and can increase rentals. Having management software geared towards these aspects will save you many headaches. Recently, one of our very own employees encountered how management software increases customer service.

“Like most people looking for a storage unit, I looked for what was close to my current residence. A few years ago I rented a unit from a facility down the street. I was happy with the facility until it came down to acquiring another unit to store items during our move. I emailed the facility because their website doesn’t offer, “rent a unit” or a “waitlist” function on their website. A few days later I received the response that no units were available and that I would be added to a list.

Needing a unit soon I started to ask around the office to see if anyone had recommendations. I was able to find a facility that had the perfect sized unit available and was near my house! I know Easy Storage Solutions has great management software, but until I became a tenant of a facility that uses the Easy Storage Solutions Management Software I didn’t realize what a huge difference it made for the customer experience.

Our older storage unit has no customer portal. What does that mean to the customer? My payment option is on file but no billing or invoices are sent to me. I went in to sign our lease agreement. I can’t easily update any of my personal information or payment information unless I call, email, or come into the facility's office. Customer service is huge no matter what industry you are in and even the smallest functionality makes a huge difference for the customer.”

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Key Functionality For Customers

Like the testimonial mentioned above, there are certain key functions management software can offer. These functions can make your customers' experience seamless.

  1. Online Rentals & Waitlist Capabilities

Facilities using management software have the ability to put units online for rentals. Customers can go through the whole rental process online, making it simple for them! If no units are available at the moment, units can be set to “Waitlist”.  This allows the facility to gather contact information for when a unit becomes available. It makes contacting the potential customer easy and allows them to feel a little more in control of the situation.

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

Studies continuously show that web searches and call-to-actions are taking place on mobile devices. Having your facility visible online, with a mobile-friendly website allows you to be more accessible to current and future clients.

3. Interactive Site Map

Having an interactive site map is a nice feature for storage facilities, especially for RV and boat storage. It allows customers to see the layout of the storage units. And it gives tenants the option to pick what unit is the easiest for them to access or park their equipment and toys. This ensures every tenant is satisfied and knows what they are getting before they are physically at your facility.

4. Customer Portal

Customer portals allow tenants access to their online profiles. Portals provide visibility into customer payments and information. It makes it easier for customers to update personal information, such as an address or phone number change. Saving the facility, and tenant time.

5. Payment Reminders

Two-way text and email communication notifications are a convenient way for facilities to be in contact with their tenants. Customers receive payment reminders and other important notifications, giving them a personal touch without having to lift a finger. This allows tenants to feel in the loop and saves facilities time for having to do payment reminders.

6. Electronic Signatures for Lease Agreements

Online is easier! Electronic signatures for lease agreements allow customers to sign online. Even better, the lease agreement can be tied directly to the customer profile. Making renting a unit simple, and providing easy access for both parties.

Setting up with management software gives your facility the capability to simplify your daily tasks. It also provides a customer experience tailored specifically to your facility. By utilizing management software, you can utilize key functionalities to better your customer experience. To learn more about Easy Storage Solutions management software, try a free demo. Read our other blogs for more information on managing a self storage facility.