Introduce your business and tell us your story! How did you get started? Where are you located?

Jackson Storage Solutions started in May of 2018 by David and Krystal Peterson after acquiring ABC Storage located at 602 S Missouri St. in Jackson Tennessee. The Peterson’s improved on the property by adding more storage units in a variety of sizes, as well as the first completely enclosed boat and RV Storage in South Jackson. They started a website for the company which gave customers the convenience of online bill paying and recurring payments.

Tell us about the back-end of your business. What Easy Storage Solutions tools and services do you use to run your self-storage facility? How do you manage online rentals?

We do manage online rentals and bill paying. Easy Storage Solutions has been our backbone from creating our site map to organizing our files and integrating our gate software into their system.

What do you look for in management software to help your business succeed?

Easy of use and a great support team. Every time I have contacted support they have gone out of their way to resolve the situation and explain things to me in a way I can comprehend.

Why is having a website important for your business?

To inform people of our services and for the convenience of people needing rentals after hours.

What are your recommendations for new self-storage facility owners?

Patience, understanding and Easy Storage Software powering your company.